About “Rituals”, New collection with Lingerie & Loungewear

Once in a while, something powerful happens that moves us back to who we truly are. When a simple encounter or a simple gesture are invested with intention and meaning, and consciously repeated, they become rituals. 

From rituals, magic is born.

Ludique’s new collection emerged from the idea of the reconnection with the self, which can only be done through self-awareness, self-exploration, and self-expression, as a means of knowing and owning one’s inner power. 

‘Rituals’ celebrates the divine essence of the feminine spirit through bold, statement pieces, both conceptual and symbolical, inspired by the archetype of the High Priestess, the powerful Prophetess carrying the sacred messages of the Gods.

The new collection comprises pieces that hold onto the notorious sensual Ludique style, but, at the same time, are extremely versatile, opening up numerous styling possibilities, and inviting to creative self-expression in one’s own boudoir, and also in public appearances.

In addition to lingerie, the new collection brings an absolute premiere for Ludique’s clientele, extending the product range through a special line of stylish and comfortable clothes: Loungewear, meant to complete Ludique’s universe.

The contemporary Priestess, the archetype and inspiration for Ludique’s Rituals, is the very mystical force animating this universe, a deeply spiritual woman whose values and practices are not related to any particular religion, but rather to her inner truth.

Respecting the values Ludique believes in, we continue to take a mindful approach to the production of the pieces featured in the new ‘Rituals’ collection. They are all ethically made, in limited edition, responsibly and sustainably, using natural textile fibres in the process of creating clothing items in harmony with the environment.

From the overall philosophy to the smallest details, the entire collection marks, undoubtedly, the return of the brand to its true spirit and an all-embracing celebration of femininity, urging to a powerful reconnection with the self. Inside the hallowed temple of lust, our true nature is revealed. Inside this magical space bringing us back to our core essence, every encounter with Ludique becomes, indeed, a sacred ritual.


Photographer: Daniel Ilinca

Model: Miha

Make-up artist: Kaya Bonef

Hairstyle: Alex Serban

Copywriting: Nicole Birta 

Designer & Creative Director: Ruxandra Gheorghe

Proudly made in Romania with love & care. ♥

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