Size guide & care instructions

Ludique Lingerie Sizing

For knickers, bodysuits, suspenders

LUDIQUE Size Across bust Waist Hips UK /


Dress Size

USA Dress Size EU / Russia / Asia Dress Size
Small 84-89 cm

33 inch

61-66 cm

25 inch

90-95 cm

36.5 inch

8 4 36
Medium 89-94 cm

35 inch

66-71 cm

27 inch

95-100 cm

38.5 inch

10 6 38
Large 94-99 cm

37 inch

71-76 cm

29 inch

100-105 cm

40.5 inch

12 8 40

Ludique Lingerie Sizing

For bras

* The adjustable straps are meant to fit various back sizes. The measurement charts offer you the basic guide, but if your size is not listed, please contact us for tailored advice and support.

LUDIQUE Size Bra size UK & USA Bra size Europe Bra size Australia
Small 34 B 75 B 12 B
Medium 36 C 80 C 14 C
Large 36 D 80 D 14 D

Ludique Hosiery Sizing

For stockings

LUDIQUE Size Weight (kg) Height (cm) Hips
Small  50-60 155-165 90-95 cm

36.5 inch

Medium 61-70 165-175 95-100 cm

38.5 inch

Large 71-80 175-185 100-105 cm

40.5 inch

Care instructions:

Ludique designs are carefully handcrafted in Limited Edition using delicate materials that need special care.

Please hand wash separately in cold water using mild detergent or soap flakes. Do not tumble dry.

Pay special attention to rings and finger nails as these fabrics are very delicate. Hand wash garments must be dried flat, no wringing, dried and stored away from direct sunlight or heat.

Please do not wear these delicate items with jeans or other rigid garments that might harm the texture of the lingerie.