Underwear as Outerwear

A fierce woman is a woman to behold. She fascinates, plays, incites, teases, hides in plain sight only to break through more promising and desirable. And above all, she challenges and dares, has no fear, obeys no rules, breaks conventions. What she wears is a natural extension of her complex personality, a means to express her true nature and give subtle hints about her intricate duality.In the quest for bold declarations of sensuality, underwear pieces speak loud of sophistication, temptation and decadence, in a language that needs no actual words.

Unique and bold pieces of lingerie are not meant to be worn only behind closed doors – the game, the chase are enriched with new meanings when feminine duality is expressed in unexpected contexts.

The versatile handcrafted Ludique pieces of lingerie take the meaning of Underwear to Outerwear to new heights, turning them into decadent and luscious weapons of seduction.

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