Ethically manufactured in limited edition

The world around us is constantly changing and evolving, aiming for more ethical management of resources. As we respect our true selves and what we stand for as unique and special women, we also want to respect the environment and not take for granted what has been given to us by nature.

This is why we take sustainability into consideration in every aspect of our daily operations. Starting with the ethically sourced fabrics in our products, going through the manufacturing process and ending with the packaging we use, sustainability is one of the pillars Ludique builds upon and one of our values.

As underwear is the closest thing to our body, we find true comfort in knowing the entire production chain was carefully planned, taking all aspects into consideration.

The end product is not only a treat for the skin and eyes, but it also represents our commitment to respect our resources.

Each Ludique design is carefully developed and handcrafted in Bucharest, Romania (European Union).


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