Lustful thong


It’s not a simple gesture. It’s a celebration. An all-embracing celebration of femininity, of self-love and your deepest desires. Made of velvet elastic bands and satin, this Lustful Thong completes the charm of the Lustful Bralette, transforming each encounter with Ludique into a ritual. Embellished with French Chantilly lace, it incorporates golden metallic rings with adjustable side bondage straps meant to harness your inner power and help you channel your dominant emotions.

Materials used: velvet elastic straps, satin elastic straps, nickel-free golden rings and accessories, French Chantilly lace, tulle, cotton jersey intimate lining.

* This item is made to order, please allow a little extra time for delivery, between 5-10 days.

* The model is wearing size S for the thong.

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