Aphrodite push-up bra

467,88 lei

The Aphrodite collection is inspired by the sea and features a bra cup design resembling a shell. The use of iridescent silky satin and decorative pearls complements the marine theme.

The collection is unique for its special design, which includes a balconette cup and anatomical structure. It is also not noticeable under clothes and can be considered as a wearable piece of art or Outerwear.

This collection is perfect for those who want to try something different from traditional lace lingerie. It is also suitable for those who are looking for wearable and stylish lingerie. The powdery pink shade makes it a great choice for brides and summer wear.

Sister sizes are suitable for this type of bra design. Sister sizes are sizes that have the same cup capacity but a different band size. For example, someone who wears a 70C could also wear a 75B and a 65D depending on if they want a tighter or looser fitting bra.
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Fabric composition:

80% Polyamide
15% Elastane
5% Cotton