Behind the scenes

There’s something magical about every step in the making of a unique and truly provocative piece of lingerie. From the design of the shapes and intricate details to choosing the precious materials and the stitches, the journey resounds a tale of becoming, from merely ordinary to extraordinary. The ideas are rooted in the very essence of femininity and sensuality and they come to life as a statement of empowerment and self-awareness. They encompass ancient symbols of the feminine entwined with modern, urban touches, through innovative sewing techniques and provocative cuts and shapes.

The final step of our journey is when we present the pieces of lingerie to the world. The precious materials lustfully embrace the body and geometric shapes perfectly match every curve.

Then your journey begins and our shared vision of sensuality and decadence evolves beyond the material world and enters a dimension where time is suspended and there are no rules, only wild dreams and wicked desires.

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