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LUDIQUE is more than lingerie, is like a sensual affirmation that makes women feel good in their bodies. It is a state of mind, a second skin which veils the silhouette, a deserved indulgence that incites female empowerment and sustains them to reveal their true self.

The lingerie integrates sculptural statement pieces meant to provoke the feminine spirit to cherish and reveal her sensuality. The essence of femininity takes the shape of the precious materials used and sophisticated details with innovative designs and unconventional shades.


LUDIQUE derives from the Latin ‘Ludus’ and embodies the duality of the feminine spirit, both seductive and playful.

Created and developed by self-taught Romanian designer: Ruxandra Gheorghe, LUDIQUE’s creative direction incites female empowerment and supports them to reveal their real nature.

Fine and precious, like a second skin, the lingerie & loungewear pieces are handcrafted only with high-quality fabrics and trimmings integrating cutting-edge designs with inspiring routes from art and mythology.

The lingerie pieces excel in graphic-infinite geometric cuts, which reflect the brand identity, and integrate junctions of delicate and precious materials with bold elements creating a pleasing mixture of functional and erotic lingerie.

Each LUDIQUE item is handcrafted in a limited edition and conveys the Underwear as Outerwear trend with versatile premium nightwear products that are meant to be daringly worn outside conventional occasions.

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