About “Soft but Strong”, New collection with lingerie and loungewear


The upcoming Ludique collection emphasizes the duality of the feminine identity.
Duality is the quality of inhabiting two or more emotional spaces or identities at once. It is recognizing
the multifaceted nature of each womanly essence that brings peace through balance and harmony.
We can be soft, and still, be strong. Delicate, but fierce. Vulnerable, but powerful.

We are highlighting these attributes throughout statement lingerie, nightwear and loungewear pieces
meant to cherish and adorn the multiple valences of the feminine spirit.

These versatile premium nightwear pieces are created to connect us to the goddess, warrior or
supernatural creation that lies in every woman. The daring cuts are designed not only to adorn the
body but also to access that state of mind where a woman is free to shine and reveal her power. A
power that, however, comes with vulnerability, as only when you dare to show yourself as you are, you are

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